FREE CITY develops ideas for open-source tools in the city

FREE CITY acts with informations, phenomenons, questions and problems in different levels of urban scpace – culture, art, communication, security, sustainability, mobility etc – to connect these assemblages with open-source technology, its thinking methods and creation logic and start protoypes that could manage various problems, ideas, deficities through emphasising on the value gained from open-source ideology.

The first day of FREE CITY focuses on the opening of the subject through lectures and presenatations, also looking for an active dialog for finding new insights and perspectives in the question – What is possible to think in the context of “free city”? The second day of FREE CITY dedicated to 10 workshops and workgoups for developing new prototypes, ideas for services and ad hoc initiatives. Check the program here.

FREE CITY is funded by FND Archimedes Youth in Action Programme.

For participation register yourself:

FIRST DAY / 26th April / Rävala 8 conference hall (

15.00 Doors open
16.00 Greetings by the moderator – Henri Laupmaa (Hooandja, Estonia)
16.15 Start speech: Tarmo Jüristo (Memokraat, Estonia)
16.45 International experience: Kat Braybrook, Open Knowledge Festival/ (UK) ja Massimo Menichinelli, Aalto University Media Factory (Finland)
17.15 Local experience: Linnalabor (Estonia)
17.45 Pause for fresh air ja snack buffee for the mind
18.15 City and the opensource: Maria Ritola, (Finland)
18.30 Webcommunication in cityspace: WEB_0 / Jekaterina Lavrinec (Lithuania)
18.45 Kickstart your project: Hooandja
19.00 Conclusion by moderator

SECOND DAY / 27th April / Rävala 8 classrooms and offices

10.00-13.00 First session
13.00-13.30 Lunch buffee
13.30-16.30 Second session
16.30-17.30 Presentation of the projects

Workshops by Memokraat, MIM, Hobilabor, B210, EMT, BFM Ristmeedia õppetool, Open Knowledge Festival & Aalto University Media Factory, Street Messages, Sophie Usunier, Galerii Tank.