FREE CITY investigates open-source paradigms in influencing the urban space

The main question of the event is „How to think of an open-source city? “. Talking about open-source we usually think of freeware or something related to IT. FREE CITY will on the first day focus on wider thinking methods and creations logic of open-source technology to present the paradigm as an active factor in the processes of contemporary society, culture, art and politics. Open-source is not just a technological term but rather a whole mentality related to creating new life models, changing the society, innovation, better use, direct influence and change of urban space.

The main presenters at FREE CITY Kat Braybrooke from England and Massimo Menichinelli from Italy will talk about open-source information, knowledge, and data, how this change in availability of information has key influence in improving education, economy, government and science. Maria Ritola from the Finnish think-tank Demos talks about her experience in addressing the urban space through different open-source models. Local experiences of open-source Tallinn will be shared by Regina Viljasaar from Linnalabor. The first day will be moderated by one of the leading figures of Estonian open-source Henri Laupmaa.

The second day of FREE CITY will use a hands-on approach to the open-source urban space in workshops and dialogue where the participants can create new prototypes and ideas to connect open-source thinking model and urban space. In ten different workshops we want to encourage creation of grass root initiative projects, introduce simple means and technologies for influencing, investigating and changing the urban space. Initiative is always supported by dialogue, so FREE CITY is creating an environment for one day where young people, students, experts and decision makers will combine their input into creating new ideas, services, prototypes and experiments.
B210 workshop will draw urban space with GPS; Hobilabor’s workshop focuses on open-source QR code as an effective way of communication in urban space. Memokraat workshop led by Tarmo Jüristo will create an open-source city model. Open Knowledge Festival working group will develop a concept of open design.


The project is supported by Archimedes European Youth.

More info:

FREE CITY is being organised by Tallinn Creative Hub (former Tallinn 2011) that focuses on integrating new technology into the cultural and educational activities of Kultuurikatel. FREE CITY has been created as a key project of Kultuurikatel aiming to develop into an international network of events that involves university and high-school students, experts and visionaries, decision makers as well as universities, technology companies, community movements and international networks focusing on development of the society.

Herkko Labi
+372 54555500.
FREE CITY project manager