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As a genre, Japanese puppet theatre (Ningyō Jōruri) – one of the world’s most refined form of puppet theatre, is not considered as a form of entertainment intended primarily for children. Rather, it is a major form of popular entertainment that originated in the days of the samurai warrior elite.   Performing arts, Folk culture  17 October 2011
  Theatrum – one of the more in-depth theatres in Estonia – is staging a seaside story inspired by West Norwegian coastal life. Tallinn, Kõrgessaare  Performing arts  17 October 2011
Korean Embassy is organizing together with the Korean Ministry for Foreign Affairs a cultural event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Estonia. Korean Traditional Music ensemble Dasrum will play in two concerts held in Nokia Concert Hall on Friday 21 October (18 and 20 o'clock). Tallinn  Folk culture, Music  21 October 2011
There are many composers in Estonia, who while acting on world stages, for us still remain Mirjam, Tanja, Märt-Matis, Piret, Tauno, Erkki-Sven, Urmas and Tõnu. Tallinn  Music  22 October 2011
An odd exhibition is gaining renown throughout the world – one that has been visited by millions but which no one has ever seen. Created by German Andreas Heinecke, this immersive and personal idea has evolved into hundreds of exhibits over the years: the visitor delves into total darkness, and is offered an invisible environment as well as the chance to discover his or her hidden powers. Tallinn  Audio-visual arts  January - December 2011Date to be confirmed